“The best cinematic capture of the “Catalina vibe” that’s ever been done.  There’s something truly special about this little island, and about this film, too.”

– Gregory HarrisonActor

“Hollywood’s Magical Isle is a charming and nostalgic slice of Americana that beautifully recreates a sense of place as it tells the story of Catalina.”

– Andre HansonAPT

Hollywood’s Magical Island – Catalina superbly done…People who view it will see and feel the romantic aura and captivity that holds one to the Island, without ever letting go”

– Dick DaleKing of the Surf Guitar

A really strong documentary that reflects the legacy of Catalina, especially the baseball history on the island and the various musicians who have visited and played on the magic venue.”

– Fred Shuster, ContributorLos Angeles Daily News

Maybe Catalina’s in for another Golden Age. Filmmaker Greg Reitman documentary imparts a wonderful sense of place to this island paradise, taking in the panoply of the island’s history and lore, Reitman tells the Catalina story.

– Kirk Silsbee, ContributorL.A. CityBeat/ValleyBeat