The best cinematic capture of the “Catalina vibe” that’s ever been done.  There’s something truly special about this little island, and about this film, too.”

- Gregory Harrison, Actor

“Hollywood’s Magical Isle is a charming and nostalgic slice of Americana that beautifully recreates a sense of place as it tells the story of Catalina.”

- Andre Hanson, APT

Hollywood’s Hollywood’s Magical Island – Catalina superbly done…People who view it will see and feel the romantic aura and captivity that holds one to the Island, without ever letting go”

- Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar

A really strong documentary that reflects the legacy of Catalina, especially the baseball history on the island and the various musicians who have visited and played on the magic venue.”

– Fred Shuster, Contributor, Los Angeles Daily News

Maybe Catalina’s in for another Golden Age. Filmmaker Greg Reitman documentary imparts a wonderful sense of place to this island paradise, taking in the panoply of the island’s history and lore, Reitman tells the Catalina story.

--Kirk Silsbee, contributor, L.A. CityBeat/ValleyBeat

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Music from the film
Avalon, Nat King Cole
Phil Sheeran, Cousteau Full
Jimmy Reid, Welcome to the Magic Isle
I Dream of You, Les Brown Jr.
SF Etrade, Chris Lennertz
Leap Frog, Les Brown Jr.
El Toro, Omar Torrez
Freedom, Chris Lennertz
Spanish Romance, Omar Torrez
Alegrias, Omar Torrez
Spanish Romance, Omar Torrez
Bob Salisbury Live
Taint What You Think, Les Brown Jr,
60 Seconds Gone, Les Brown, Jr.
Sovereign Blues, Les Brown, Jr.
Pastime, Chris Lennertz
Son of a Son of a Sailor, Jimmy Buffett
Sing, Sing, Les Brown, Jr.
Les Brown Conducting, BWE
Love, Love, Les Brown, Jr.
26 Miles to Santa Catalina Island
Sovereign Blues
Stan Kenton Live recording from Avalon
Love Love

Need a Little Sugar, Nina Simone
Family, Chris Lennertz
Loose Lip Special, Les Brown, Jr.
Family, Chris Lennertz
Taint What You Think, Les Brown, Jr
Island Jumping, Phil Sheeran
Taint What You Think, Les Brown
CL Tyco
Sovereign Blues
Spotlight Bands, Les Brown, Jr.
Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Karen Hammack
Sovereign Blues, Les Brown, Jr
I Dream of You, Les Brown, Jr.
Spain, Les Brown, Jr.
Sangre Mia, Omar Torrez
Waste, Chris Lennertz
Kelp Forests, Jake Jacobsen
Everlasting Dream, Greg Reitman Music
Dave Koz Togther Again
Rooster, Roger Connelly
Lovin’In My Baby Eyes, Taj Mahal
Riddle of Life, Tony Humecke
Let in the Sun, Billy Fox
Islands Emrace, Gregg DeCastreo
Can’t Find the Blues, Debbie Davies